Biomolecular Medicine is born as a need in the presence of a 'new patient' victim of chronic, slow and silent poisoning for years, by elements of environmental pollution: chemicals, metals, pesticides, and many others that are part of the most of 100,000 molecules created by the industry in the last seven decades, in direct daily contact with human beings. (1)

The World Health Organization (2) recognizes that 'of the 133 most common diseases, 101 are directly related to the environment' and they call 'silent pandemic' to the effects on health, add chemicals and metals, as aggravating factors, to sedentary lifestyle, obesity, drug addiction, self-medication, lack of health services, among others.

The chemical pollutants and metals, of which 300 have been found on average per individual in a study conducted (1) to 13 European families, are accumulated slowly in the tissues, acting as oxidizing molecules - free radicals - on the small victims of the system, the biomolecules, which represent the little functional components of a cell, and fundamental units of the colloid, matrix of the structure that has to preserve its electromagnetic conditions (3) in order to function correctly the exquisite coordination of the organization of the system called 'life' .

The body tries to neutralize the aggressions with its antioxidant and detoxication mechanisms, until at the end of exhaustion the lesions are accumulated and the functional failures of the different systems appear. Children, because of their disproportionate relationship between absorption surface and body mass, (4) as well as women because of their more sensitive immune system (5), are the most propitious and frequent victims. These toxic molecules that reach the body by digestive system, up to 70%, and the rest by respiratory system and skin, first spread in a homogeneous way throughout the body, but then rearrange, preferring, for example, in brain grey matter, in bones the epiphyses at the limiting edge with cartilage where the stem cells are found; in liver for its function of detoxication, and fatty tissue, for being mostly liposoluble. But its definitive location is irregular, which hinders any type of search for patterns or standards that facilitate the diagnosis, since they are multiple intoxications; they take the whole organism but the definitive location is unpredictable; the answer will be according to 'the condition of the guest' or 'predisposing ground'; that add up their possible toxicities; so the clinic is interdigitated and complex, since there are millions of possible combinations of symptoms and signs.

The 'new patients' have a chronic deficit of antioxidants so they are in oxidative stress; tissues in 'oxidative field' (1) or local acidosis; they have lost the necessary balance between the humoral and cellular immune system; out of the 3700 enzymes, hundreds of them are unused; nervous centers of control and regulation, damaged in a transitory or definitive way; hormonal deficits due to direct damage to glands, or indirect defects due to hormone-disrupting action; lesions to peripheral nerve sheaths, and in the autonomic nervous system, lesions to plexuses; basal lesion of the intestine with increased permeability that favors food intolerances that associate pathologies of other systems; and we could continue with an infinity of lesions that justify an increasingly complex symptomatology.

Thus, there was an increase in the incidence of diagnoses such as: 'atypical' autoimmune disease, 'rare disease'; 'incurable disease'; 'your case is one in 100,000'; increase in infertility and sterility due to hormonal disruptors; increased incidence of 'allergic and atypical asthma'; chronic fatigue and fibromyalgia; increased incidence of hepatic steatosis or fatty liver; increased incidence and in younger and younger patients, of degenerative diseases due to slow and progressive loss of neurons such as Alzheimer's, Parkinson's, dementias; Stroke due to arteriosclerosis with arterial lesions -collagen and elastin- and atheromatosis-, and by cholesterol plaques favored by oxidizing toxic molecules; and as a proven and more serious fact, the majority suffer from damage to the genetic material that causes: an increase in spontaneous abortions, an increase in congenital malformations, and it is the cause of the increased incidence of cancerous tumors at all ages. Arthritis in the elderly becomes into a pathology that is difficult to treat, in order to favor osteochondral degeneration, the metals that selectively group in the epiphyses of the long bones, with progressive loss of cartilage stem cells, also transforming the degenerations into more serious of intervertebral discs.

Pathologies in children also appear at younger and younger ages. The contaminated mother, if she manages to get pregnant, through the placenta contaminates the fetus that is already born with problems. Although the majority remain asymptomatic, in others, food intolerances appear within a few months, convulsions that are difficult to study and diagnose, the full spectrum of Autistic Spectrum Disorder; partial or total hearing loss; atypical asthma, and others. They then continue with school psychopedagogical disorders; of behavior in adolescence; anorexy; bulimia; pathological obesity; diabetes; and all the serious functional and organic consequences of hormonal disruptors.

Skin lesions facilitate rapid presumptive diagnosis of chronic intoxication, with atypical acne due to age of occurrence; stretch marks and vergetures at any age; spots that simulate rosacea; false psoriasis; allergies, up to its maximum expression: the Multiple Chemical Sensitivity Syndrome.

It is common for these patients to undergo routine laboratory studies and diagnostic imaging, with normal results, which lead the patient to a bad empathic doctor-patient relationship due to lack of satisfactory results and loss of confidence in traditional medicine, apart from family conflicts, who do not believe in the suffering of the patient.

If we focus on the study of life as if it were a System, everyone has a Structure on which the Organization operates. In all living beings the structure is the colloid material, and its quality depends on the special characteristics of each of the biomolecules in suspension, that is, their three-dimensional shape and electromagnetic charges of their component atoms. These biomolecules are the smallest functional victims of the System, and their injuries represent ultimately the functional quality of tissues, equivalent to the 'host condition'.

These aggressions to the biomolecules change the electromagnetic conditions of the tissues that can be evaluated in advance (6) to the appearance of the organic disease, the evaluation of the free radicals, as well as the studies of tolerances to the food, the measurement of metals and toxic chemicals accumulated in the body, and finally, genetic studies allow a view of the patient with the 'biomolecular approach' of predictive, preventive, and curative value, which enables accurate personified corrections.

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